Bluefin Tuna Cutting Event

1 PM August 9, 2020 ( only 20 ticket available )
7 Courses set menu for $120 exclude tax and gratuity

Chef Leonard Yu will break down a 200+lb bluefin tuna and explain you a different cut and methods how he will prepare tuna for his omakase, while you can enjoy the pre-set menu.


Nakaochi with Tororo
Lean Meat from spine served with grated Yamaimo ( Japanese mountain yam) with Yamaroku shoyu, wasabi and Kizami Nori )

Akami Tartare with Renkon Chips
Lean Meat mix with avocado and kaiware with poke sauce
Fry lotus root chips

Sashimi Course
- Umi Masu ( Ocean Trout From New Zealand )
- Sagoshi ( Young Spanish Mackerel From Shizuoka )
- Madai ( Red Sea Bream From Kagoshima )
- Kanpachi ( Great Amberjack from Kona, Hawaii )
- Hottate ( Scallop from Hokkaido )

Toro Nigiri tasting
- Haranaka Chu-toro ( Medium Fatty Middle of Belly )
- Harakami O-toro ( Very Fatty Top of Belly )
- Nou-ten ( Top of Head )
- Kama-toro (Back Cheek )

Harashimo Karaage
Fry Tail Meat with Salt and Togarshi

Maguro Kama Yaki Don
Grill Tuna Cheek with ponzu and scallion
on top of koshihikari rice

Miso Soup with Tuna broth